We believe in entrepreneurship and successfully challenging the status quo within each new market our brands and companies enter.

What do we do?

In short, we’re a creative brand consultancy with a clear mission of creating powerful and innovative inhouse brands built on entrepreneurship and a bold vision.

We’re not afraid to raise the bar, which is why we consider a challenge as an opportunity to learn and a blocked road as an opportunity to find new paths. This have resulted in various exciting projects and inhouse brands, all with strong strategies and a high sense of aesthetics.

We believe that it is our insatiable curiosity, dedication, and (of course) a dust of our distinct sense of aesthetics from our original roots in the fashion and beauty industry, which have led to the conglomerate that we are today! And we’re quite a powerhouse of successful brands.

Who are we?

We’re a house full of dedicated can-do attitudes, who see opportunities where others see limitations!

Despite our high level of diversity in backgrounds, work expertise, and industries, we all share a dynamic and
open-minded workspace, where values like dedication and equality are on the agenda. We’re frontrunners motivated to achieve outstanding results, and we all share a love for innovation and creativity. This is where ideas get to grow, and potential is built!

Most importantly, we’re humans speaking to humans. We are curious and not afraid to ask questions – in fact, we believe that asking questions is key to keep finding new and better ways. We’re not fancier or more formal than everyone else. On the contrary, we take pride in being welcoming, thoughtful, and down to earth.






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Office dogs.





Members of our brand institute family

*In 2020, our company, like many others, faced setbacks due to COVID-19. We had to let go of trial period employees. As we regained stability, we rehired most of them, and from 2021, we continued our growth.

We solve everything from A-Z inhouse with our departments in Sales, Finance, Web Development, Creative, PR, and more!

Did you know that we’ve been building strong brands & powerful strategies since 2010?

We’ve been on quite the journey since our founders started our first brand – with one of them being a creative in the fashion and beauty industry for many years, while the other was a law student with an entrepreneurial mindset, no one could have imagined that we would be where we are today!

Ready to challenge status quo? And to kickstart your career in an innovative and dynamic company?

We’re always looking for new talents and likeminded individuals, who are dedicated and passionate about change, thriving in a creative, diverse, and fast-paced work environment. Whether you’re searching for a student job, full-time position, or an internship, we have many opportunities!