We’re a powerhouse full of highly diverse teams and departments, solving (almost) any imaginable task inhouse.

Being a bold and risk-taking brand consultancy, ready to challenge status quo and raise the bar, requires skills and specialist knowledge within a wide range of areas and markets – which is why we have individuals with various talents and diverse backgrounds inhouse.

We currently hold 10 departments, and each of these will give you an idea of the many different areas we work within and all the tasks that we solve inhouse.


We keep track of budgets and possess a structured overview to analyze, solve, and advise, ensuring a safe process and a stable foundation for growth – for all our inhouse brands.


We build relationships, work with influencer strategies, and create memorable events both for our inhouse brands and external clients. This department holds everything from PR managers and influencer & PR coordinators to event managers.

Business Operations

We are driven by optimization, development, and new initiatives. We organize and plan projects and deadlines, ensuring a structured process and the desired outcomes. This department holds everything from business controllers and business developers to project managers.


We ensure the conditions of employment, employee well-being and development, and recruit new talents across all brands. This department makes sure that our employees have the best conditions and that they are satisfied with their job.

Communications & Marketing

We tell powerful stories, build strong brand strategies, and create content to move audiences. This department holds everything from creative copywriters and communication strategists to social media managers and marketeers.

Web Development

We build digital, data-driven, and intelligent solutions, working both frontend and backend. This department holds everything from UX designers and web-content specialists to both backend and frontend developers.


We make sure that our warehouse is stocked and organized with our inhouse brands’ products, and keep our office spaces nice and clean. This department holds everything from studio managers and office assistants to cleaning assistants.


We create everything from both digital and printed materials and product packaging designs to re-touch and video editing for our inhouse brands and external clients. This department holds graphic designers, re-touchers, art directors, and inhouse photographers.


We work with both national and international retailers, explore market opportunities, and negotiate sales agreements. This department holds everything from retail consultants and sales advisors to key account managers.

We ensure that everything is as it should be and is executed accordingly. This department takes care of all legal circumstances, including the GDPR rules, practices act, contracts, and much more for all our inhouse brands.

On the lookout for a new and challenging journey?

As you can see, we work within many different areas and for many different brands – both all our own inhouse brands, but also a range of external clients as well. So, the question is: are you ready to join one of our departments and kickstart your career in an innovative and dynamic company?