Looking for an exciting and educational internship where both your professional and personal development are in focus?

Why become an intern at brand institute?

What we above all believe in is curiosity and new ideas. The curiosity and eagerness to learn and develop new ideas does not necessarily subscribe to a certain educational background or previous work experiences. For that reason, we’ll always aim at investing one hundred percent in you as our intern, as we value the fresh perspectives, renewed energy, sparkling ideas, and the many questions that you most likely will bring with you.

It is important for us that you get the best possible internship both regarding educational learnings, personal development, and professional and social networking – together, we evolve your talent even further! We believe in learning by doing, which is why you’ll get a lot of responsibility from day one – but don’t worry, your team got your back if you need help!

Our core values therefore apply to every single member of the brand institute family, no matter if you’re an intern, student assistant, or full-time employee. If you succeed, we succeed.

What does our internship include?

Intern network: Besides becoming a part of a hardworking and dedicated team, you’ll also become a part of our inhouse intern network – because an internship should be all about professional development, and at our company, it should also be about making friends and having fun along the way. Hence, we facilitate a forum for knowledge sharing and socializing over common experiences as well as hosting social events during the internship.

A mentor: You’ll get a personal mentor, who is responsible for your development and will follow you through your internship. Your mentor will be your go-to person with arising questions and material for internship reports etc. We will push you out of your comfort zone, but always make sure that you have a safe spot to return to.

Evaluation: You’ll have an individual follow-up meeting with your mentor every third week, focused on both personal and professional development along with job satisfaction. Together, you’ll fill out a competence sheet with completed tasks, goals, recently acquired competences etc.

Free lunch: We know that an internship takes up a lot of energy and efforts, which is why you’ll get free lunch and unlimited access to coffee, tea, and fresh fruit during your internship.

“My thoughts, opinions, and inputs were valued from the beginning, and I felt trusted by my colleagues to take on responsibility for tasks during my internship. The company culture and being part of an amazing team really gave me the opportunity to unfold and develop both professionally and personally.”

Nanna, Digital Communications Coordinator at brand institute 
Previously Social Media Intern

“My internship has helped me with improving my negotiation technique. Every time you book a model, you need to negotiate the prize, however, the more times you try it, the easier it becomes, which is one of the reasons why I think that an internship is a good chance to improve your skills.” 

Rasmus R., Booker at Le Management 
Previously Booker & Sales Intern

“After my internship at Le Management, I have become clarified with what I want to work with. I found that I really like working with sales as well as making good and lasting relations with customers. And I have chosen to stay after my internship ended, so my internship has been worth it all!” 

Rasmus N., Booker at Le Management 
Previously Booker & Sales Intern

 “I was given a lot of responsibility during my internship, and with a ‘learning by doing’ approach, I got to take on more tasks. I have gained experience and knowledge within financial, operational, and accounting processes – and I value the fantastic collaboration that I have experienced with competent, passionate, and open-minded colleagues.”

Emma, Finance Student Assistant at brand institute
Previously Finance Intern

“During my internship, I had many different tasks, such as redesign, user studies, tests, and app development. All tasks have had their challenges along the way, but I think what has been most challenging (but also most rewarding) has been having to justify the choices I have made.” 

Amalie, UX Designer at brand institute
Previously UX Intern

We offer internships within…

Marketing, Sales, UX,
Customer Relations,
Social Media, Finance,
Web Development,
…and many more!

So, what’s the next step?

Head over to our open positions, find the internship that fits your area of interest, and upload your application to apply!

It is important that you submit your application through our website only. However, because we follow most of the Danish universities’ semester structures, we post most of our available internships twice a year, once during spring and once during autumn – so, keep the site refreshed for the latest updates or send us an unsolicited application.