July 19, 2023

Q&A: An insight into model castings with Le Management scouters.

Today, we’re highlighting the scouting team of our brand family member, Le Management. A team consisting of creative and ever-curious visionaries with an innate eye for talent, dedicated to building careers on a safe and solid foundation of knowledge and passion.

But what goes beyond the recruitment process, where does the journey for our models start, and what drives our scouters to do what they do best? We talked to scouters Karoline and Anne Sofie, who provided us with an insight into the dynamic and diverse processes of scouting.

Karoline, Head of Scouting at Le Management

Q. Could you describe a typical workday when scouting new models?

A. Scouting can be both planned and spontaneous. Scouting activities are especially planned during summer, as people are more outdoors, and many events and gatherings take place. For example, attending a concert, where the artist’s target audience aligns with our interests, could be a suitable opportunity to spot potential models in the crowd.

Another example could be during a day like ‘blå mandag’ (translated: Blue Monday, a celebratory tradition among confirmands) where many young people are strolling the city, making it a great space to scout, for example, downtown or at Tivoli. However, scouting can also be entirely spontaneous and happen on a casual afternoon while running errands at the supermarket or when heading home from the gym. As a scout, one always has their scouting goggles on, being constantly observant and ready to network, with business cards in hand, always somewhat on the job.

In addition to scouting, a potential model can also be discovered through model castings. Occasionally, we conduct castings in-house or at other locations in collaboration with potential partners. Typically, individuals show up to these castings, and based on their casting photos, we evaluate whether there is potential. Regardless of being scouted on the street or through a casting event, the process continues with an invitation for an informal meeting at our agency for a conversation and portfolio shoot. From there, we assess whether there is enough client demand to start working with the person and offer them modeling opportunities with us. 

Q. What motivates and inspires your interest in working with models?

A. As a model scout and agent, I am involved in the entire process, from scouting individuals, getting them started, and helping them build a career. It is precisely this process that motivates me the most – spotting modeling potential, giving individuals a good start, and showcasing the industry from a positive and secure perspective. Being able to equip them with valuable tools, building their career, and witnessing the models grow and thrive is truly rewarding.

Another aspect that motivates me is the diversity in both model careers and young individuals. It is fascinating to work in different relationships with various people, recognizing that everyone is unique and should not necessarily be treated the same way. However, a common factor is building a close and trusting relationship with the models and their parents, creating a strong collaboration and providing effective management.

Anne Sofie, Scouting intern at Le Management Kids

Q. Could you describe a typical workday when scouting new models?

A. I have a calendar where I write down all the exciting kids events happening in Aarhus, so I always know when and where to go. That way, I get the most out of my scouting. Afterwards, I contact all the wonderful kids I have scouted and then discuss with the rest of my team if it makes sense for both them and us to invite them over for a casting. I also scout a lot online. Here, I just send a casting invitation right away. A lot of our models’ parents also help us scout – they just forward their wonderful scouts to me, and then I take over the dialogue. 

Q. What responsibilities do you have during model castings and what is the process like?

A. I am primarily responsible for inviting the children in for casting and being in dialogue with the parents. Our two photographers are responsible for the casting itself, and afterwards, I will then send out answers, when we have assessed what makes the most sense for both them and us. Some kids turn out to have no interest in being photographed, and some kids love it!

It is really motivating to see all the amazing experiences and memories the models get from modeling. Also, it feels rewarding seeing the amazing pictures – and spotting their pictures in public!

Discovering talents, leading paths

Le Management is founded upon a heartfelt passion and strong sense of ethics. Our utmost goal is to always support our models every step of the way, helping them achieve their aspirations and fulfill their true potential. Our scouts help create opportunities, bring about life-changing experiences, and most importantly, make our primary clients, our models, feel confident and content in this fast-paced and exciting industry.