March 16, 2023

HOOD Agency closes PR agreement with 66°North!   

We’re so proud to present that 66°North has become a regular client of HOOD Agency in 2023, and we will henceforth be responsible for 66°North’s PR activities in Scandinavia – an amazing achievement for our team behind HOOD!  

HOOD Agency as 66°North’s PR responsible in Scandinavia.  

The collaboration began back in September 2022 when HOOD Agency initiated a three-month trial period with 66°North, which involved handling press lend outs, proactive press pitches, influencer collaborations, and acting as the brand’s sparring partner in the Scandinavian market. The three-month period was an opportunity for both HOOD and 66°North to get a feel for each other as partners and jointly lay out a plan for a longer-term collaboration.  

It’s rewarding to see that our work pays off and it has truly been a great opportunity for the agency to work with a brand with a strong profile and a powerful brand story, and we’re incredibly proud to have 66°North as a PR client at the agency – they complement our remaining PR clients very well and offers something new in terms of their profile and products.”  

– Sofie, PR Manager at HOOD Agency

Today, 66°North is one of their regular PR clients, and HOOD therefore represents the brand in Scandinavia, where they work press inquiries, ambassador collaborations, and events. Their new collection is presented in our showroom at the Copenhagen office, and it is used for lend-outs to stylists, press, and brand ambassadors.  

During the year, they’ll have both larger and smaller physical events to gather press and influencers to create local momentum around the brand. Here, our team behind HOOD will be responsible for devising the concept, production, and represent 66°North on the day. They already have various events in the pipeline, but exactly what will happen cannot be announced yet. 

We can’t wait to see what else 2023 will bring upon our team at HOOD!