June 13, 2024

LIÉ Studio opened its first flagship store in CPH.

We are delighted to announce the opening of LIÉ Studio’s first flagship store in Copenhagen. Founded by our talented colleagues, the twinfluencers Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard, LIÉ has experienced rapid growth over the past three years. This milestone marks a significant step in their journey, expanding into new product categories to meet growing demand. 

A remarkable growth journey

Known for its classic and sculptural jewelry in silver and gold, LIÉ has built a strong direct-to-consumer business, fostering close relationships with their community. Their success is driven by a focus on direct engagement with customers. In light of this growth, they are excited to announce the launch of a new leather collection. The collection includes a tote, a clutch, and a wallet, inspired by luxury bags Amalie and Cecilie received during their modeling careers. “Leather is a very different category to jewelry. We learned that the hard way,” says Amalie. 

A unique retail experience

The new store at Vognmagergade 9 offers a homely atmosphere, designed for customer appointments, press events, and client activations. “It means a lot to us that we have brought the feel of our homes to the store. It has to be a true extension of Amalie and I,” says Cecilie. 

Continuing the journey 

Our goal is to establish LIÉ Studio as more than just an influencer brand. “We’re not trying to do something insane or crazy or to push something. We’re really just sticking to our gut feeling,” says Cecilie. “That’s what’s resonated with a lot of people so far.” 

With the opening of the flagship store and the launch of their new leather collection, LIÉ is ready to write the next chapter in their successful journey.