September 13, 2023

LIÉ Studio unveils first-ever pop-up store.

In an exciting move that is set to captivate jewelry enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, LIÉ Studio unveiled its debut pop-up store during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. We sat down with Ulrikke, LIÉ’s Brand Director, to delve into the genesis of this remarkable venture and gain insight into the journey from concept to reality.

Q. What was the origin of the concept for a pop-up shop, and what were the objectives behind its establishment?

A. The notion to create a pop-up shop emerged from a collective brainstorming, driven by the unanimous belief that it would be a splendid initiative for LIÉ to have a physical presence during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Our intention was to curate a distinctive universe, offering our customers an up-close and personal encounter with our jewelry creations. Moreover, we aimed to cultivate stronger bonds with our international clients, a rare opportunity given our limited chances for face-to-face interactions.

Q. Could you provide a concise overview of the journey from conceptualization to the realization of the pop-up shop?

A. With our small team in action, the transition from conceptualization to implementation was remarkably swift. We promptly identified Brigade Gallery as an ideal venue that resonated with our brand ethos, and fortunately, they shared our sentiment. Subsequently, the focal point shifted towards crafting the perfect ambiance and meticulously addressing logistical intricacies. The end result has left us gratified and proud, and extending a warm welcome to visitors is a source of immense satisfaction.

Q. How has the response been since the inauguration?

A. The reception was nothing short of exceptional, with a steady influx of visitors spanning the press, B2B, and B2C sectors. The opportunity to engage with our supporters and patrons in a personal setting has proven to be deeply rewarding. The inauguration injecteded a vibrant energy, and we find ourselves fully engrossed in accommodating the surge of interest.

Q. Could you mention the most exhilarating facet of launching your brand’s debut pop-up shop during the fashion week?

A. The most exhilarating facet has been sensing the palpable enthusiasm, particularly among our B2C customers. The prospect of offering direct, in-store purchases was unprecedented for us, making the anticipation surrounding the outcome genuinely exciting. Thankfully, the turnout and enthusiasm surpassed our expectations, leaving us pleasantly surprised and invigorated by the positive response.

In this new chapter of LIÉ’s journey, the brand has created an immersive experience that bridges the gap between its online presence and the tangible allure of its jewelry creations. With its pop-up store poised to dazzle the senses, LIÉ Studio continues to redefine the boundaries of elegance and style.