March 22, 2023

Le Management Kids expands with international representations!

Just as we thought it couldn’t get more international, Le Management Kids finds new ways to impress us – with more than 10 years of experience within the fashion industry, the team is now ready to reveal that they’re expanding to represent international kid models.

When hard work and dedication pays off! 

With scouting, castings, photoshoots, bookings etc. of kid models from all over Scandinavia, it’s time to meet a wider demand from both national and international clients. Therefore, a new category of talented international kid models is now available at Le Management Kids.   

With the expansion, a greater diversity among the represented kid models follows – and the Le Management Kids team will now be able to offer even more options to their clients regarding age, location, appearance, etc. But it doesn’t stop there, as the expansion opens for international recognition and new job opportunities for the kid models too. All thanks to our awesome team!    

“We’ve been working with clients internationally for years, but the expansion of representing international kid models provides new opportunities for the agency, our models, and our clients. It has been a dream of ours, and now we’re one step closer to be an internationally recognized kid model agency.”  

– Lotte, Booker & Agent at Le Management Kids

Our team behind Le Management Kids have been enriched with indispensable help from our New Face team from Le Management, who have previous experience with the start-up process of international models. Beyond that, there has been great cooperation with both our Finance and Legal departments, which have provided the necessary knowledge regarding formalities and legislation of the expansion. The power of working together across departments is truly a strength that we won’t be without.  

We know that a strong and powerful brand doesn’t build itself, and we’re amazed by the team’s hard work as they’re now able to welcome even more kid models (and clients!) to the agency once again. What a journey it has been – and will continue to be!