June 7, 2023

LM_ SOCIETY celebrates five years – we’re catching up with the team!

The core business of LM_ SOCIETY has always been talent management with a strong focus on what makes the talent unique and how we in collaboration can create a strong profile, that is sustainable and interesting in a fast-forward industry – and now LM_ SOCIETY can celebrate five years! 

As there are many factors that can play a key role, when attracting commercial partners for high-end profiles, our team at LM_ SOCIETY continues to build and progress on their creative and strategic abilities. Never losing sight of the ambition to attract clients and brands who wish to create campaigns that stand out. 

“We can see that that user-generated content puts the budgets for influencer marketing above anything else, and no matter how big or small the talent is, the clients are looking for high engagement and reach on the profile they chose. We will continue to improve our skills, be ready for change, and be a priority partner for our customers on high-end talents as well as both micro- and macro influencers.”  

– Michelle Hatchwell, CEO at LM_ SOCIETY   

Our team at LM_ SOCIETY is dedicated to discovering, developing, and promoting the careers of talented individuals, but with the increasingly dominance from Instagram and TikTok, they’ve expanded the agency with a micro-division by bringing on Influencer & Campaign Manager, Nadia Barakonyi.  

Michelle adds “And with amazing clients such as Pepsi MAX, Kérastase, Lancôme, L’Oréal, N’age, etc. who renewed their ambassadorship agreement, we are working hard to be a prioritized supplier when screening for micro influencers as well. I’m looking forward to watch Nadia do her magic!” 

They’re currently also working on several exiting high-end projects launching throughout 2023 and they’ll be disclosing them, as they are released for the public. We’ve got a little peak at some of the projects, and we for sure can’t wait to see the amazing results – and we would definitely recommend you to keep an eye out on their Instagram!