November 8, 2023

LM_SOCIETY presents long-awaited collab.

MSCH Copenhagen unveils an exciting collaboration with Danish influencer and model Cecilie Haugaard represented by LM_SOCIETY, introducing their Winter 2023 collection and campaign shot by renowned photographer and supermodel Helena Christensen, also represented by LM_SOCIETY. 

The collaboration is the result of a three-step activation with SoMe activation on Cecilie’s Instagram @cillemouse and MSCH Copenhagen in November and December 2022, moving quickly towards an ‘Inspired by @cillemouse’ collection launching April 2023 and finally the anticipated CECILIE HAUGAARD x MSCH Copenhagen collection launching October 2023 

The collection reflects MSCH Copenhagen’s commitment to sustainability, offering classic and clean silhouettes that can be worn beyond the 2023 season. This collaboration merges Haugaard’s sleek personal style with the brand’s feminine design ethos, resulting in a collection that exudes both quality and simplicity.  

Camilla Dessau Arp, Marketing Manager at MSCH Copenhagen says “We are proud to see our brand coming together with Cecilie and Helena, to celebrate Scandinavian talent and create fashion that stands the test of time.”  

Peter Dahl, CEO at MSCH Copenhagen says about the collaboration with LM_SOCIETY “Our partnership with LM_SOCIETY has been characterized by a profound level of respect, transparency, openness, and an exceptional standard of professionalism. From the outset, we experienced an extraordinary connection, aligning with shared values and unified goals. This alignment has resulted in a tremendously successful campaign, and we hold a deep sense of pride in the exceptional professionalism that has defined our collaboration.” 

Michelle Hatchwell, CEO LM_SOCIETY says “It’s been a pleasure to explore our strengths and cores within the agency. Inviting MSCH Copenhagen into our strong network and optimizing all processes and integrating ideas with our expertise. When working closely over a long period of time, it fosters a personal connection and investment in the collaboration’s outcome. I’ve fully enjoyed the process and I’m very proud of everyone who contributed to this exiting collaboration.”