November 28, 2023

New RAGBAG collection launch feat. in-house brands.

In a remarkable display of synergy, brand institute’s in-house brands, RAGBAG, Le Management, and HOOD Agency joined forces to bring RAGBAG’s captivating Oculus Holiday Capsule Collection to life. An exciting collaboration, forged by our team members’ ability to merge their impressive competencies and passions, rendering a selection of timeless statement pieces and elegant essentials, beautifully visualized in an alluring shoot. Here’s how it came to be.  

Introducing Oculus: When statements meet essentials  

Oculus, the latest addition to our holiday repertoire, draws inspiration from the distinctive designs of RAGBAG’s previous collections. Comprising five stylish pieces, Oculus captures the essence of holiday fashion, blending innovation with the familiar.  

“The Oculus collection is our holiday masterpiece, an homage to our past designs while pushing boundaries. We’ve transformed the drops from our AW23 collection into a circular motif, aptly names ‘Oculus’. The collection consists of five unique styles.”  

– Frederikke, Content & Communications Manager at RAGBAG  

A seamless collaboration     

Whereas the collection was developed entirely by RAGBAG, the campaign was executed in collaboration with Le Management, with HOOD being responsible for the mood and concept. A partnership, that truly highlights the versatility of our multifarious talents.

Effective communication, meticulous planning, and a well-structured approach are key to our cross-brand collaborations. Our teams work cohesively on a daily basis, ensuring a deep understanding of each other’s workflows. Additionally, we establish a mood and format for our shoots and campaigns, covering everything from styling and lighting to angles, locations, and look book layouts. This alignment is the cornerstone of our successful team efforts.   

”Collaborating with colleagues from another in-house brand offers several advantages. The shared knowledge of workflows and the DNA of our brands streamlines the process. Flexibility and a shared vision are prevalent among team members from different brands, which allows us to dream big and turn those dreams into reality.”  

– Frederikke, Content & Communications Manager at RAGBAG  

Seven models elevated the shoot  

Thanks to seven dedicated, talented Le Management models and their ability to perfectly reflect the mood and compliment the pieces allowed us to elevate the showcase of our styles. Their distinct, unique features furthermore helped introduce the level of diversity and inclusivity, illustrating the collection’s versatility and endless possibilities of styling.  

The partnership between RAGBAG, Le Management and HOOD demonstrates the exceptional talent that thrives within our organization. Shop the collection here and explore our brands’ websites and social media for further information.