June 21, 2023

Q&A: We’ve talked about the new AW23 collection with our Designer at RAGBAG.

There’s so much more to creating a jewelry collection than producing several different designs and stamping your own logo on each one, ready for sale. That’s why we’ve asked Rebekka, our Head of Design at RAGBAG, about the work that goes into the creation of a new jewelry collection to learn more about the process and get a peek at the new AW23 collection, which launches very soon!  

Q. Can you take us through the process when creating a new jewelry collection? 

A. Creating a new collection is a long process of finding inspiration, a lot of sketching and technical drawings, developing ideas, a lot of communication with our manufactures, looking for the right materials, making molds, sample testing, etc. What is important to me when designing, is being able to express myself in every design and collection that is made. Having an eye for details is key, which is also what awakens my curiosity. I have always had a big passion for creating something that is able to tell a story and to also touch other people’s curiosity with my designs. For me, creating and designing is a combination of aesthetics, having a good feeling of the market’s needs, high quality, craftsmanship, and last but not least the love and passion for jewelry.  

Q. From beginning to end, how long does it take before you have a finished jewelry collection? 

A. Normally we start developing a new main collection half a year before it is presented and sold to buyers and retailers. After the in-sales period, there is a production period before the jewelry lands in stores and online. So, the whole process from start until the product is physically in the stores normally takes a little under a year for a main collection. 

Q. What has been your greatest source of inspiration for the AW23 collection? 

A. The greatest source of inspiration has been the solidly controlled structures of architecture versus the unpredictable movement and organic shapes in nature. These are truly the keywords for our upcoming AW23 collection.  

Capturing and transforming these abstract silhouettes into a simple yet powerful jewelry universe has been the driving force for the creation of the collection. The result is a unique and modern collection with simple rounded, clean, and drop-like shapes that can be used for any occasion. 

Q. How has the rest of the team been involved in the process of the AW23 collection? 

A. We’re an amazing team working together and shaping RAGBAG, which I appreciate every single day. We lift as a team and strengthen each other to achieve even greater goals for the brand. I am very grateful for that. In our team, we work closely together, and we support each other in the processes that we each are in. Since sales, purchasing, and design development are inextricably linked, we are constantly in close dialogue and cooperation to achieve the best results in terms of design, visual identity, purchasing, sales, and production. 

Q. How does a workday look like as jewelry designer? 

A. A typical workday is where I arrive early at the office, go through all my emails, many of them are typically from the factories regarding development of new products and/or other technical questions, CAD drawings or prototypes that I must review and possibly comment on. Part of the time is also spent searching for materials, developing samples, and trend forecast as well as developing and sketching new ideas, technical drawings, and making presentation books that are used when new ideas and collections are presented to the internal team and the manufacturers.