February 27, 2023

Au revoir Paris! We’ve been to Paris Fashion Week with RAGBAG.  

We grasp any opportunity we get to network with both new and current partners, which is why we’re beyond happy that we were able to present RAGBAG at Paris Fashion Week (again!) earlier this year in January – and what an amazing way to kickstart the new year! 

Welcome to our Showroom in Paris!  

We’ve had our showroom at the luxury boutique hotel, Les Bains Paris, which is in the authentic Paris neighborhood, Le Marais – an area where most showrooms are located during fashion week, making it easier for buyers to stop by. Beforehand, our team behind RAGBAG worked on the set design and prepared how the jewelry should be represented at the showroom.  

They’ve then reached out to buyers, both existing retailers and new potential partners, to arrange meetings while being in Paris – and the days were truly filled with sales meetings, networking, inspiration, and so much more!  

“It was an astonishing opportunity for us to present RAGBAG at Paris Fashion Week. I looked forward to meeting both new and current partners, showing them the new collections, and talk about the journey that RAGBAG is on. We’re excited about the new potential collaboration partners that our presence has enabled.” 

– Alberte, Brand & Sales Manager at RAGBAG 

Paris Fashion Week is doubtlessly a place for all international buyers and fashion people to meet, which gives our team new opportunities and adds value to our brand. Being in Paris is a way in which retailers can be introduced to RAGBAG, our collections, and thus place orders – it becomes a place where new collaborations can arise.  

We can’t wait to reveal more soon!