March 6, 2023

From internal department to digital bureau – Welcome LOOM Works! 

After five years of building solutions for our various inhouse brands, our competent Web Development team has begun accepting external clients with the ambition to realize their digital potential and create a solid foundation for growth. 

Our internal Web Development department had a grow spurt!  

With everything from visualization, building, and coding websites and webshops, to assisting with email marketing and search engine optimization, our Web Development team has truly done it all. It’s no surprise that they’re the team behind all our inhouse brands’ web shops, websites (even the one that you’re reading this on right now), and everything that follows. We’re lucky that we have such talented and skillful colleagues, who have been able to realize the many digital dreams that our inhouse brands’ teams have had.  

Being an ambitious and dedicated team creating the perfect connection between ‘best practice’ and creativity, it came as no surprise that they were ready to take their skills to the next level. 

We’re grateful for all the opportunities and challenges that our work within this creative house of brands and amazing colleagues has given us – and will continue to give us! We would never be without competent feedback, which is why we’re still part of the brand institute family. But we’re so excited to use our know-how to help and guide external partners as well.

– Jason and Simon, Co-Founders at LOOM Works.  

Our Web Development department often becomes the link between our other departments such as Creative, Communication, and Marketing when new projects, campaigns, etc. are started, which is why we value the fact that we’re able to have them all inhouse. 

They’re already working on several exciting projects – and we can’t wait to see them grow even further. Welcome to the brand family, LOOM Works!