May 10, 2023

We’ve expanded – get a peek at our office in Copenhagen! 

Along with the growth and expansion of both our brands and colleagues, we’ve recently completed the renovation of the fourth floor at our office in Copenhagen – creating a gorgeous space that includes common areas and showrooms! 

It’s always been important for us to facilitate comfortable surroundings that also inspire the creative mindsets among us. Therefore, we’ve prioritized the renovation of the fourth floor at our office in Copenhagen! 

And as we have many models and external clients as well as customers that stop by our office during opening hours, it’s vital to us that they’re welcomed in both a beautiful and professional setting. Additionally, it was essential for us to ensure room for the showcasing of our inhouse brands’ own products as well as our external PR clients’ products. Now, there’s plenty of room for meetings, small talk, and hosting of various events. A touch of coziness mixed with a professional atmosphere where ambitions are in evergoing growth – we’re in love with how it all came together!