February 8, 2023

It’s a wrap! We attended CIFF during CPHFW with woods_ copenhagen. 

We always seek new and exciting opportunities, and when we got the chance to bring woods_ copenhagen to the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) for Clean Beauty, we knew that we couldn’t say no! We’re taking you through the process from start to finish right here.  

Prepare, prepare, prepare! 

The keyword here has surely been preparation. Everyone from our Communications and Creative teams to our Sales team has been involved in the process of getting ready to take on CIFF60, which took place last week.  

It will be nearly impossible for us to grasp every little thing that went into the process, but we’ll give it a try. Our Creative department has been responsible for everything from the layout of the stand, interior, and decor to ensuring printed materials such as signs and information cards (not to forget the less exciting practical things such as dishcloths, trash bags, tape, etc.). All of this has been done in close collaboration with our Communications team in relation to text production and tone of voice, and with our Sales team in relation to what they would need during the fair.  

There’s been a lot of coordination between our teams during this process to ensure that we’ve considered every single little detail of the stand. It has been important for us to capture the look and feel of woods_ while staying true to the brand’s values in every choice that we have made, from textures and materials to placement of products and sales materials.

– Ida, Graphic Designer at brand institute.  

It was essential for our teams to create eye-catching displays and focus on social proofs and storytelling in all printed materials to ensure that our stand with woods_ would stand out of the crowd – and we dare to say so ourselves that they did an amazing job! 

woods_ copenhagen takes on Copenhagen Fashion Week  

Ready, set, go! The three days at CIFF were filled with good talks, networking, inspiration and so much more. With big smiles and an energetic attitude, our Sales team from woods_ copenhagen were present during all three days at the fair to provide guidance and advice for the visitors and to connect and network with both existing and potential buyers and retailers.  

Representing woods_ during Fashion Week has been an incredible opportunity for us in the Sales team – we’ve managed to create more brand awareness, both among consumers and buyers, and provide valuable product know-how, challenging some of the bigger brands within the beauty industry. We can both see and hear that woods_ is gaining a more desirable market position.”

– Maria, Sales Executive at woods_ copenhagen. 

And continues: “We have met and spoken to a lot of national and international buyers and are excited about the new potential collaboration partners that our participation in CIFF has enabled. It has also been great to meet familiar faces in the form of our current business partners!”. 

If that wasn’t enough, our founder was also invited to take part in the Beauty Innovation Talk panel together with two other skincare brands, which was hosted by Scandinavian MIND. Here, they all discussed how to be a responsible beauty brand in 2023 – a debate that we were honored to be able to participate in! 

It was three busy days, but all the hard work has definitely been worth it, as many of our colleagues in the industry, visitors, and buyers have expressed that they were impressed by our stand, materials, and industry knowledge. This truly shows that we reach our goals when we work together and support each other across our departments in our endeavors.  

And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to find woods_ copenhagen at CIFF again next time.