March 14, 2023

woods_ copenhagen expands to 115 Matas stores! 

After thousands of kilometers, a questionable amount of coffee, and months of outdoing themselves time after time, our woods_ family has managed to expand woods_ copenhagen to a total of 115 Matas stores!  

Strengthening ties and enhancing visibility  

November 2021, woods_ copenhagen first landed on Matas’ online shop. April 2022, woods_ copenhagen could be found on the shelves of 30 physical Matas stores. Fast forward to 2023, and our history with Matas has expanded even further (with 115 stores, to be exact)! A development that wouldn’t have been possible without our sales team, which has traveled above and beyond to spread awareness, answer questions, and generally strengthen relations with both customers and stores. Beyond these initiatives, they joined forces with our founder to conduct multiple events and product training with the staff of Matas’ from across the country.   

“We’re incredibly proud of our team. They have combined efforts to establish such great relations with Matas and their customers. Not only will this development provide us with the ability to expand our brand awareness, but it’ll also give us more opportunities to accommodate our customers and their questions.”

– Martin Valgaard, Sales Director at woods_ copenhagen. 

Apart from our amazing Sales team, other departments of the woods_ family have played a vital role in achieving these impressive results. Our Communications team and Creative department have produced wonderful materials such as signs, folders, exhibitions and more, which our Sales team has been able to offer Matas for guiding customers in stores. We’re not much for clichés, but here, “teamwork makes dream work” truly is appropriate. 

As Matas is among the top five biggest beauty retailers in Denmark, earning woods_ a spot in their range has been a journey with both challenges and valuable opportunities for learning. We’re so grateful for every task that has been taken, every hand that has been shaken, and every initiative that brought us a step closer to our shared goal. From idea to execution, every partaking, big and small, has been an important piece in reaching this destination.  

But the journey doesn’t end there. With this expansion follows a need for more hands, meaning our retail consultants and sail advisors have obtained their own area of responsibility for upcoming projects – and we’re sure they’ll deliver time after time. With so many skilled and competent minds collected on our teams, we can’t help but be excited about what the future will hold!