April 5, 2023

We’re in Sweden! woods_ copenhagen is now available at Åhléns.  

With Åhléns being one of the largest Swedish chains of department stores, operating 47 stores across most of Sweden, and having 60 million visitors each year, this collaboration is a huge achievement for our amazing sales team behind woods_ copenhagen!  

From prospecting to client!  

Our sales team behind woods_ copenhagen has handled everything from reaching out and initiate the initial meetings discussing space plan, product placement, and so much more, to negotiating the contract and actual launch plan, including online advertising, possible campaigns, product training of staff, etc. – and that’s just the main stuff! 

Finally, when the launch happened, it was important for us to have our sales team out in selected Åhléns stores. It is crucial that we’re visible and interact with the consumers, telling them about woods_ copenhagen and our unique selling points while handing out sachets to those who want to test our products etc. so we can spread the word about woods_ copenhagen being in Sweden.

Implementing an influencer-oriented strategy to create awareness around the launch!   

In connection with the launch, our team behind woods_ laid out a plan on how to increase brand awareness among the Swedish consumers, and the choice landed on a strategic influencer push to spread the news as well as to get the consumers out in the stores.  

The influencer push involved the activation of profiles with a minimum of 8K followers, and the profiles each hosted a giveaway on their own platform – giving attention to woods_ and providing their followers with information about where to buy the products. In addition, the strategy also involved attracting more Swedish followers for woods_ copenhagen’s own Instagram.

“Sales requires knowledge, which is why an influencer push is incredibly underrated for establishing brand awareness when launching in a new country. Skincare is rarely an impulse purchase, but rather a behavioral change that the consumer must make in their skincare routine. Therefore, recommendations from influencers and an increased amount of exposure are often required to convince the consumer.”  

– Anna, Influencer & PR Coordinator at woods_ copenhagen 

It requires an incredible amount of research when identifying the right profiles, and the process has taken up a lot of our team’s time and effort. The team has used a lot of different strategies to find the profiles with the most potential.  

Anna adds: “We’re always very open to the influencer’s ideas and input, as we place great emphasis on credible exposure and content that the influencer can vouch for. We then continuously monitor the interactions and evaluate the selected profiles afterwards.”  

We’re incredibly proud of every single one of our colleagues who has been involved in this process, and the amazing work they have done – and if you find yourself in Sweden, head over to the Åhléns near you and check out woods_ copenhagen!