December 13, 2023

Q&A: How LOOM & woods_ optimized the woods_ site.

With a purpose to strengthen the overall customer experience and usability, in-house brands LOOM Works and woods_ copenhagen merged competencies to optimize woods_ copenhagen’s website. This Q&A delves into the details of the succesful project, highlighting the expertise, collaboration, and shared intention between employees from both brands. 

We’ve talked to Jason Krisanthe Viyajam and Ida Jakobsen, who took us through the journey from idea to result. Ida, who is a Graphic Designer at woods_ copenhagen, has been in charge of the visual aspect by designing the new website. As Co-Founder Head of Strategy & Client Management at LOOM, Jason has had the lead of the web-development team. 

Q. How did the idea for creating a new website for woods_ copenhagen come about, and in which company did it originate?

A. Ida: The idea to optimize the website came from LOOM when our other in-house brands began using a new, updated theme for their webshops. woods_ copenhagen needed to utilize this theme as well, as it came with additional features and faster site performance. During this process, we at woods_ shared our design preferences and ideas. As the project unfolded, it grew beyond our initial expectations. In the early exploratory phase, we realized the many features and initiatives we wanted to implement and test on our website, particularly focusing on usability, campaign deployment, and sales-oriented strategies. 

Q. What were the challenges with the old website, and what optimization opportunities did you find interesting to work on?

A. Ida: The old website lacked essential information and guidance for customers. From a design perspective, the goal was, therefore, to create clarity, simplicity, and a focus on product attributes and effects. 

Jason adds that the old website was slow to navigate, resulting in an unfortunate user experience.

Q. Who has been involved in the collaboration from both woods_ copenhagen and LOOM?

A. Ida: I have been the primary contact from the Design team at woods, with Creative Director Sia, Graphic Designer Stephanie, and CEO, Martin, providing feedback and guidance on the design aspects. Our Graphic Design Student Assistant, Ditte, has assisted with implementation and minor adjustments. Communications Director Annamaria has been responsible for the communication aspect, while Student Content Writer, Celine, has written and revised much of the text.  

Jason: From LOOM, UX Designer Amalie, Fronted-Developer Christian, and Frontend Developer Assistant Kristian, and I were most involved. Our work mainly revolved around web development, which was done in collaboration with woods_, allowing us to get as close as possible to the design drafts. 

Q. How do you ensure that the desired result is achieved when working across brands? 

A. Ida: To me, it didn’t feel like we were part of different companies, as we had a shared goal and everyone was familiar with woods_’ identity and aesthetics. 

Jason agrees and adds: We view the internal brands as our own, so it doesn’t feel distant – and we know each other from working together on a daily basis. So, it hasn’t been a challenge in that sense. However, it was a substantial project, which is why we needed to ensure we stayed on track. 

Q. Can you highlight anything from the process, from start to finish, that has made this collaboration unique or exciting to work on?

A. Ida: I think we’ve had a lot of freedom to develop ideas that we found exciting, and there has always been a good ongoing dialogue about time costs and the outcome of various initiatives. Everyone has been able to contribute with great ideas, and there’s a short distance from thought to action.  

Jason: From LOOM’s perspective, it has also been a significant project where we’ve had the opportunity to challenge ourselves and try new things, which has been very educational for us. Overall, it’s been a fantastic collaboration where everyone had the chance to contribute, and I think that’s reflected in the results.

During the collaboration, LOOM Works and woods_ copenhagen have showcased their dedication and expertise in transforming an idea into a successful project. The synergy between these in-house brands has not only resulted in a remarkable website but also strengthened the bonds between colleagues turned collaborators.